Citizenship Program

If you are interested in becoming a citizen, Center for New Americans can help you with the process.

We offer:

  • Eligibility screenings
  • Forms
  • Resources with the 100 questions
  • Guidance
  • Application review


Appointments are required. Please contact Maureen at

Center for New Americans is recognized by the Bureau of Immigration Affairs and Maureen McMahon is accredited by the Office of Legal Access Programs.


Documents You Will Need

Please bring the items on the list below to your appointment. These are required to complete the N-400 Application for Citizenship.

  • Green card
  • Passports (current and expired)
  • Social security number
  • Two passport photos
  • Dates of all trips abroad for the past 5 years
  • List of your addresses from the past 5 years
  • List of employment and/or schools for the past 5 years (names and addresses)
  • Names, dates of birth, A numbers and current addresses of all children
  • Check or money order for $680 -or- if you receive a government benefit (SNAP, SSI, cash assistance, etc.) bring a current letter showing the amount you receive

Some additional documents may be needed for some cases.


"I feel bless because from I arrived to the USA my life change. All change when I began to study in the CNA (Center for New Americans). The most important thing was learn English for me. I love it.  It's a new challenge, but I did it say myself!  Now I feel comfortable with myself and very happy because I can speak with the people. And my thinking is "step by step". It's amazing, 37 years lived in Costa Rica and all those years never I had a lot opportunities like now than live in U.S.A. We bought a new house, my life is more relax now, I can study and work.  I meet beautiful people. Thank you USA and CNA for all your support."  Maricella

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