30 Poems in November! is a literary fundraiser for Center for New Americans. Center for New Americans welcomes and serves immigrants in Western Massachusetts with free English classes and a range of support services. For more information, please visit: This year, we aim to raise $50,000. Writers do their part by writing one poem each day in November. Friends and family do their part by donating to support this effort. Powerful new poems and financial contributions translate to community support for immigrants.
Goal $ 1,000.00
100% towards our goal
$ 1,935.00 raised
Joey Shyloski
$ 30.00
Elsa, my oldest friendship! And my longest muse of a woman who writes.
Julie Melrose
$ 10.00
Great that you are doing this!
Susan And Jack
$ 30.00
thanks for doing this, Elsa!
Claudia Lefko & Mac Everett
$ 30.00
What a wonderful project for a wonderful cause. A completely win-win proposition.
$ 30.00
Agreat activity for a great cause--Thanks, Elsa!
$ 30.00
Wonderful project for the best cause - thanks, Elsa!
Linda Gordon
$ 50.00
Linda Wallack
$ 20.00
Margaret Lloyd
$ 25.00
Teri Anderson
$ 100.00
Marisa And Marty
$ 100.00
Way to Go Elsa!! Thank you!
Sue Alexander
$ 25.00
$ 35.00
$ 30.00
How wonderful, Elsa! Thanks for this!
$ 200.00
Great job, mom!!
Dale LaBonte
$ 30.00
Tildy Turchinetz
$ 25.00
Broadside Bookshop
$ 250.00
Erica Lorentz
$ 20.00
Andrea Wright & Margaret Anderson
$ 100.00
Michael Truckey
$ 25.00
Barbara Black
$ 30.00
for the second year i am delighted to be writing to support the services the staff and volunteers provide to immigrants from many diverse countries. after attending the annual meeting on 9/27/17 and hearing stories about and by the wonderful folks who use these needed services, i became more inspired to work on behalf of the Center for New Americans.




Center for New Americans is a community-based organization. No gift is too small.

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Center for New Americans welcomes volunteers.

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