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30 Poems in November! Blog — Fall 2022 (Nov. 21)

Welcome to our Poetry Platform.  We are sharing some of our writers’ new poems every Monday.  Thank you for reading and thank you for supporting them in their creative endeavor and Center for New Americans in our welcoming endeavor!


Duplex*: When I think of you, I begin again

When I think of you, I begin again
small gifts of chocolate and time

Small gifts of chocolate, and time, which
wraps its arms around my yearning waist

Wrap your arms around my yearning waste
not a single sigh, but look at what may come

A single sigh at what may come, look!
a nest, four tiny eggs, what bird?

A nest, four tiny eggs, a hummingbird.
How do they nest, they barely can sit still

We barely can sit still, for love
seduces us again here as we age

Love keeps us looking for the birds
When I think of you, I begin again


*The Duplex is a poetic form invented by Jericho Brown

—Lori (Lee) Desrosiers