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We Help Immigrants Fill Out the Census Form

Center for New Americans is dedicated to a complete count in the 2020 Census.

Every household will receive a letter from the Census Bureau in March 2020, followed by a reminder postcard. You can respond in 3 ways: online, by phone, or by filling out a paper form. If you do not respond by mid-May, a Census-Bureau worker will visit your home to get your response in person. 

If you are an immigrant looking for help filling out the Census form, contact us with questions or for an appointment.

Call us: (413) 587-0084

Email us: admin@cnam.org 

Scam Alert!

The census is sent to you by the United States government, not a political party or private organization. 

The first census letter looks like this: 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email. 

Our Dates and Hours

What is the Census? 

The Census is a count of all U.S. residents.

Data from the Census is used to determine funding for: 

  • Healthcare

  • Buses

  • Food stamps

  • Affordable Housing 


Concerns about Immigration Status and the Census

The Census does not ask about immigration status. 

The Census does ask for the number of people living in the house on April 1st, whether the house is rented or owned, and the birth date, age, sex, race, and ethnicity of the people living in the house on April 1st, which is considered "Census Day."

This information is confidential and is only used for statistics.  By law, as stated in the Constitution, information collected through the Census cannot be shared with immigration or law enforcement agencies. 

For More Information About Your Legal Rights and the Census 

Lawyers for Civil Rights - http://lawyersforcivilrights.org/census

Multi-lingual census hotline 617-482-1145

Informational video in Spanish

Click here for Census information in other languages. 

Click here for resources about the Census. 



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