Pearlescent Poetry

What's a poem worth? In dollars, whatever you feel inclined to pay -- especially for such a worthy cause as the Center for New Americans.
Goal $ 500.00
100% towards our goal
$ 507.00 raised
Laurie Millman
$ 20.00
Thank you for all you do for Center for New Americans!
$ 20.00
Keep up the great work!
$ 36.00
Jayne, your commitment inspires me. And I love what the Center for New Americans does to build our democracy. Onward, only 2 more poems to go!
Jaymie & Michael Chernoff
$ 36.00
It feels imperative to me to counter the injuries, insults, inhumanity and venom against immigrants surfacing around this country, spearheaded by this Administration. What better way to do so than with poetry? I hope you'll support my effort to raise money to help local immigrants acclimate and assimilate here. Donating at least $1 for each of the 30 poems will go a long way toward helping me reach (or maybe even exceed!) my modest goal. Please donate what you can. Here are two commitments reflecting my desire to put my money and my words where my mouth is: 1. I will pay 50 cents for each dollar you collectively help me raise. If I meet my $500 goal, that means I will donate an extra $250 to Center for New Americans. 2. I promise to email everyone who signs up on my page at least 10 of the poems I write in November (on the assumption that at least one-third of what I write will be decent enough to do so!). Thanks for your support! Stay safe, Jayne