Sarah Sullivan’s Center for New Americans Fundraising Page!

Hello team! Welcome to new and returning supporters of the Center for New Americans, which serves immigrants in Western MA, including providing free English classes and a range of other support services. 30 Poems in November! is a literary fundraiser similar to a walkathon, in that we ask friends, family, coworkers, and maybe strangers on the street to sponsor us for the month, or per poem written, to help Center for New Americans maintain is powerful ability to educate and support immigrants.
Goal $ 4,000.00
91.78% towards our goal
$ 3,671.00 raised
Ellen Doré Watson
$ 20.00
Bless you for all you bring to this!!
$ 100.00
Thank you Sarah and Center for New Americans Either we ourselves or our foremothers have been immigrants in America at some point. Pass it on...
$ 50.00
Always so glad to get your poetry and to donate to this great cause!
$ 103.00
You continue to be amazing??
Marisa And Marty
$ 100.00
Sarah! Sarah! You are Amazing! Thank you so much!
Richard Fox
$ 50.00
Thank you for healing our world!
Laurie Millman
$ 20.00
Yay, Sarah, poet extraordinaire! Can't wait to read your poems with my morning coffee -- a November treat!
$ 50.00
I love you! Thanks for inspiring me!
Joanna Dalin
$ 100.00
From Maddie and me <3
Kaitlin Rooks
$ 30.00
You rock, Super Sarah! Today's a great day for democracy! So many yes's!!!!
Sherri Meade And Ian Smith
$ 118.00
In honor of Sarah Sullivan.
$ 30.00
Go Sarah!
$ 50.00
Gretchen & Karen BrowneCourage
$ 30.00
Many thanks to Sarah for her leadership in this important event and to all the poets who generously offer their words, their time, and their commitment to support The Center for New Americans.
$ 25.00
Sarah, what a joy it is to know you, to write with you, to see and hear your beautiful heart through your deeply authentic voice.
Karen Scott
$ 100.00
Thank you Sarah!
Dave & Sue
$ 100.00
Your poetry is one reason we wish November had 53 days! thanks Sarah
$ 50.00
Thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry Sarah and for such a great cause!
T And Kiddos
$ 50.00
Miss you. Thank you for your continued presence making the world a better place.
Therese Gleason Carr
$ 50.00
You amaze and inspire, you brilliant human, you!!!
Jersey Girl
$ 150.00
I'm thankful for you this Thanksgiving Eve Sara with an 'h'! I arrive "because you ask with seed and silence" and I'm a sucker for both. Your "poems pitch persons toward one another, full of news about being." Write on dear friend, Write ON!
$ 30.00
Great poetry, Sarah. Brightens my November.
Carol Ott
$ 150.00
The world needs you and your beautiful voice. I am so proud to be included in your mission. So much love. You are a star.
Kate K
$ 20.00
Oh Sarah, thank you for your heart-opening poems and work you are doing to support immigrant families. much love to you
Deborah Levenson
$ 50.00
Debbie Mueller
$ 50.00
Caroline Soter
$ 50.00
Miss Writing With You!
$ 25.00
Participating in 30 Poems in November! has been a gift for CNAM, for me, and hopefully for many of my readers. Writing a poem daily (or at least 30 poems in a month) is an amazingly enriching practice. Daring to share those poems with others, especially in the poems' essentially unedited stage, has been an important part of my process of claiming an identity as a poet. Being part of a community of writers has brought joy and an new richness to my practice. But most importantly, I feel gratitude for being part of a group which has raised money so that immigrants have the opportunity to get a foothold in our community, via English lessons (including practicing some poetry!), study for naturalization, education re job training, and practical tips about staying safe in the community. Last year was my first time chairing this event. It was wonderful! I started planning for this year before last November was over. Hopefully we will share the same energy and productivity, and you will share it with us. Thank you for being here. Tell your friends, too. Let them join us.