As many of you know, I have been focusing huge amounts of time and energy on immigrant justice issues over the last few years, and taken witnessing trips to the child migrant detention center in Homestead, Florida in 2019 and the Brownsville/Matamoros border this past February. In Matamoros, I co-led a writing workshop where asylum seekers shared their heart-breaking stories. Much of my own writing has focused on immigrants, their stories, and the onslaught of heartbreak and injustice they have faced. My hope is that my words, along with the words of others, will inspire people to action. Below is a picture of our group, the Jewish Activists for Immigration Justice, holding hearts in front of a bus filled with shackled immigrants awaiting deportation. The immigrants who are lucky enough to be in our community, rather than in detention or stuck at the border, still need support from organizations like the Center for New Americans in order to thrive and to wrestle with the draconian policies of our administration, like the public charge rule, which restricts immigrants from applying for citizenship if they use public benefits. The Center for New Americans helps fill this gap by offering free English classes and a range of support services for the people in our community. I have pledged to join fellow writers in the community and write 30 poems in November in support of this effort. I am asking you to pledge to support the Center for New Americans. I will be happy to share some of the poems with you after the project is complete, if you would like. Please check out to learn more about the Center for New Americans and consider donating if you can.
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