30 poems in November!

Hello! I love writing poetry. Some of it may not be very good, but I hope it will make you think, and maybe inspire you to write something of your own. I love to write free verse with lots of luscious description, and I take heavy inspiration from both classic poets and my own personal tastes.
Goal $ 200.00
90% towards our goal
$ 180.00 raised
$ 10.00
Great job, Nora! Can't wait to see all the wonderful poems you create!
Blair's Friend Melissa From MA
$ 20.00
just reading how you describe your poetry, I am already intrigued and impressed! Good luck with the fundraising and happy writing!
$ 10.00
WTG Nora!
$ 10.00
This is great, Nora!! (from Cassie/Ash's mom)
Katie Farmer
$ 30.00
$1 a poem! Way to go, Nora!
Dana Young
$ 10.00
Nora Glass
$ 20.00
It sounds like a wonderful organization. Good luck on the fund-raising.
Heidi, Charles & Lillie
$ 25.00
How exciting!
Chelsey Goins
$ 30.00
Way to go, Nora!
I love writing, and the thought of being able to raise money for something important while doing what I love is fantastic to me. It would be amazing if you could donate. Check out my website at https://noraswriting.weebly.com to read my poems!