Amy’s 30 Poems for CNA Page

Welcome to Amy's 30 Poems in November page!
Goal $1,000.00
86.5% towards our goal
$865.00 raised
John And Gwen
$ 30.00
Thanks for doing this!
$ 20.00
Love this; write like the wind!
Ellen Doré Watson
$ 20.00
The Levchuk Family
$ 20.00
Camille And Jack
$ 35.00
Go Amy!
$ 36.00
Happy to support CNA & your poetry!
Lanette Sweeney, A Fellow Poet
$ 18.00
Happy to be writing and raising with you!
Deb Gorlin
$ 20.00
Kate Blair
$ 20.00
Write on!!
Amy Dryansky
$ 20.00
Devi Hyland
$ 20.00
Shoshana Marchand
$ 30.00
Mary Koncel
$ 20.00
Thank you, Amy!
Sarah With An H
$ 50.00
Thank you, marvelous poet, for your efforts and offerings in November and in this world!
Becky Olander
$ 10.00
Write on, Amy!
Kris McCue
$ 10.00
John Thelin
$ 20.00
Margaret Babbott
$ 50.00
Thank you Amy for sharing your many gifts!

Hi Everyone, 
Once again I'm committing to writing a poem a day for the month of November with the hope that you'll sponsor me and thereby support CNA, a terrific agency in our community working on behalf of immigrants and new Americans. Please make a pledge if you can, and I pledge to eke out (I mean copiously produce) a poem a day for 30 days!

Thanks & XXOO