30 Poems to Support Immigrants

30 Poems in November! is a literary fundraiser for Center for New Americans. Center for New Americans welcomes and serves immigrants in Western Massachusetts with free English classes and a range of support services. For more information, please visit: http://www.cnam.org This year, they aim to raise $50,000. I'll do my part by writing one poem each day in November. You can do your part by donating to support this effort. Suggested contribution is $1 per poem ($30 total), but any amount is welcome. Every dollar you contribute translates to direct community support for immigrants -- our new neighbors, our new Americans.
Goal $ 1,000.00
59% towards our goal
$ 590.00 raised
George Wootton
$ 30.00
Pat Hill is amazing
Breen Family
$ 50.00
My aunt is he coolest
Alice M.
$ 100.00
To honor those who are no longer with us. To welcome those who will come after us. Go, Pat!
Vanessa Aronson
$ 100.00
Garrett & Niels
$ 100.00
$ 100.00
I look forward to the 30 days
Kate Rayner
$ 30.00
30 Poems in November! is one of my favorite "do good" projects. I've supported several poets over the past few years, but this year will be my first time as a writer-contributor. The timing, this year, feels significant. I have been looking for a way to re-ignite my poetry practice -- and there's nothing like a deadline to keep me honest. But in addition I recently obtained a TESOL teaching certificate so as to work in the immigrant community. I am a deep explorer of my own immigrant history. And then, of course, the times we are living in... Writing a poem never felt more useful. I hope you will join me as I explore thresholds -- where and when we cross, and how we manage this business of departing and arriving.




Center for New Americans is a community-based organization. No gift is too small.

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Center for New Americans welcomes volunteers.

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