30 poems

Greetings friends, every year in the month of November the Center for New Americans invites poets to write a poem every day as a way of raising funds for the organization. It's a great organization, providing a wide range of necessary support to immigrants moving to Western Massachusetts. This year such support seems more urgent than ever. So I'm going to write every day, and I hope you'll think about contributing to the effort. Along the way or at the end I'll send a poem or two to all of you. I'm late getting my page up, but contributions of any size whatever are very welcome, I'll be thinking of you as I write. with thanks, adin
$ 50.00
May the poems offer us wisdom and guidance us as we arrive at the end of the year.
Amy Kahn
$ 50.00
Amy Kahn and Jeff McQueen
$ 100.00
So important to have a place where language and other skills are offered to new immigrants. Thanks for writing your poetry on their behalf. Can't wait to read your poems!
Laurie Garland
$ 30.00
You make me so proud!!!!!!
$ 25.00
So glad to support this joining of art and politics.
Rebecca Olander
$ 10.00
Write on, Adin!
Thank you, on behalf of many




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