Poetry and Justice

I cannot run a marathon or bike 1000 miles, but I can do this: write a poem every day this month to raise money for the Center for New Americans. Please consider making a donation of any amount to support their programs, including free English classes and a range of services for immigrants in western Massachusetts. Thank you for being part of this wonderful project. http://www.cnam.org for more info.
Abigail Warren
$ 20.00
So glad to have you on board, Kol! Happy writing!
Holly Wren Spaulding
$ 20.00
Dorian And Nini
$ 50.00
Write on Kol!
$ 20.00
Kol thank you for brining this group to my attention and the work and poetry you do everyday
Joanne And Jodie
$ 18.00
Thanks for doing this Kol! Looking forward to reading your poems
Ellen & Diane
$ 25.00
Louise And Sue
$ 50.00
Looking forward to seeing a few haikus fr yous!
$ 75.00
love your words
$ 100.00
This is a wonderful project.
I am the granddaughter of immigrants who came to the United States seeking safety from persecution and the chance to live and work beyond subsistence. I cannot imagine the courage required to make that journey - then, or now. Please help support the Center for New Americans to continue to build a community that welcomes newcomers and all the richness that they bring. grazie & a hartsikn dank




Center for New Americans is a community-based organization. No gift is too small.

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Center for New Americans welcomes volunteers.

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