Liberty and Literacy for All!

Hello, my family and friends! I am happy to be participating in another 30 Poems in November! event. Over the past year, I have seen how literacy enables my students to obtain all they have dreamed of in this Land where Liberty's Lamp still shines. I want to do what I can to continue bringing them the awesome opportunities to excel. Your donation, no matter the amount when joined with the donations of others allows CNA to do great things! Please know that I appreciate all your support! Blessings to all! Linda
Goal $ 500.00
100% towards our goal
$ 506.00 raised
I wanted to share a poem with all of you, but the formatting gets wonky. So, I will tell you a little about my day at CNA as a teacher, citizenship assistant, distant learning coordinator and the ADA coordinator. Each day during November, I am up at 6 AM so I can write a poem before I leave for work. I arrive at CNA by 8 or earlier. I prepare the classroom for the students. From 8:30 to 10:30, I teach the most wonderful, courageous, tenacious people in the world. For the rest of the work day, I assist in keeping things in order for our citizenship program, help people with their applications, create lessons for our Distance Learning class, check on students' progress, create blog posts for the Distance Learning students, and/or keep up with the ADA requirements. When I go home, I rest for a bit and then prepare the next day's lessons based on student's requests, answer emails and post my poem to my Facebook page. This is a busy schedule, but it is one I totally LOVE! I have the best job in the world. Thank YOU for helping us provide the best we can for our students/clients.

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