Ginny Sullivan

Stretching to write a poem everyday is a way for me to stand with those who are stretching to settle, learn a new language, build a new life in this country. I would love your support in contributing resources to their effort! Thank you for being here!
Goal $ 800.00
89.38% towards our goal
$ 715.00 raised
Todays Poem after Art Middleton's provocative workshop on erasure poems: The Art of Redaction Poems reflect their time the Romantic, the Modern, the Erasure. In a time of extinction we take a text and scrub it, eliminate ninety percent of the words, play with what’s left, like a cat with a mouse, except that verisimilitude requires what is left be read in order, left to right, start to finish. At first the erasures leave holes in the text like missing teeth in a child’s familiar face. But comes a time the shape will shift and we lose the old meaning. We decried the loss of the sabre tooth tiger felt the Dodo left a hole in the world. But now, with so many gone, we understand that we are writing a whole new story.




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