We're back! To write and raise and act!

30 Poems in November! is a literary fundraiser for Center for New Americans. Center for New Americans welcomes and serves immigrants in Western Massachusetts with free English classes and a range of support services. This year, we aim to raise $50,000. Writers do their part by writing one poem each day in November. Friends and family do their part by donating to support this effort. Powerful new poems and financial contributions translate to community support for immigrants.
Goal $ 5,001.00
2.6% towards our goal
$ 130.00 raised
Frances South
$ 30.00
Kathy S.
$ 50.00
Can't wait for a poem a day in November!
Hello everyone! Thank you so much for visiting this site as you debate how much money you would like to donate to Center for New Americans. I am honored to be the Chair of the 30 Poems in November! this year (I think that's my title). This is a fabulous fundraiser for an even fabulouser organization. Dedicated staff, teachers, and students have accomplished so much over the years to support each other in our community. Sometimes it feels like all we can do is make it through a day. But usually we are able to find more by reaching out to each other. Sometimes I reach out by writing, sometimes by offering my hand out to a stranger (or an ear or an eye), and sometimes I give back by donating money. We who are on our computers looking at this screen right now are in a position to help support, in some way, others who are shut off by the government or by a myriad of other circumstances in life. Join me in this effort! Thank you for being a part of my life. And it's not a competition, but, ... There's a reason I picked $5001.




Center for New Americans is a community-based organization. No gift is too small.

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Center for New Americans welcomes volunteers.

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