Welcome to 30 Poems in November. YOUR DONATION HAS NEVER MORE IMPORTANT! What a wonderful way to support immigrant children and their families--with poetry. Please donate as generously as you can, and I will do my best to write a poem a day.
Goal $ 1,000.00
100% towards our goal
$ 2,230.00 raised
$ 35.00
Best Wishes Patricia and Center for New Americans!
Laurel Kallenbach
$ 30.00
Writing can change the world!
$ 100.00
Patricia Lee Lewis
$ 100.00
Ellen Wittlinger
$ 50.00
Good luck, Patricia!
Elizabeth And Drew
$ 50.00
Thank you for your good heart!
Donna Jenson
$ 30.00
You go, Girlfriend!
$ 30.00
You light the way.
Sheila G. Nealon
$ 200.00
This is one of the great parts of November!
$ 75.00
"Poetry is an act of peace." --- Pablo Neruda
Elli Meeropol
$ 50.00
Thank you for everything you do, Patricia!
Alyssa Angus
$ 30.00
Best of luck, Patricia!
Brett Averitt
$ 60.00
Looking forward to your poems, Pat
Doris Atkinson
$ 300.00
Thanks for all you do
Stephanie Shafran
$ 30.00
Patricia-Thanks for offering your time and creative talents to supporting new Americans at this critical moment!
Jane Schneeloch
$ 30.00
Lisa Tener
$ 10.00
What a wonderful project!
Well Done! XO From WYO!
$ 50.00
Sackrey Curran Family
Pam Roberts
$ 30.00
Frances Henry
$ 30.00
You go girl!
Amy Grappell
$ 20.00
Go Patricia!
Thank you for wanting to support literacy for immigrant children and their families. It is especially important now at a time when immigrants everywhere in this country are uncertain, even fearful, for their future. Reading and speaking English is critical in these unfriendly, uncertain times, and at Center for New Americans these are only some of the skills and supports benefiting immigrant families and our communities.




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