Support for all New Americans who need help Navigating the choppy waters of the U. S.A.

And maybe I'll get a decent poem out of the exercise.
Goal $ 250.00
100% towards our goal
$ 263.00 raised
Naila Moreira
$ 15.00
Happy writing, Howie!
Rebecca Olander
$ 10.00
Write on, Howie!
Great Job Howie,Kate And Steve
$ 50.00
$ 100.00
to howie who emboldens, embodies his spoken word! To Googootz & Beyond!
We need small victories now...and then on November 6th, we need a large victory. And after that we need to continue resisting and continue helping those in need. A federal judge has blocked T-rump's attempt to cancel legal status for migrants from four countries, ruling that he poisoned the decision-making by calling them “s—hole” countries. CNA needs our assistance in helping those who want a better life for themselves and their families. Please support 30 Poems in November and consider donating to my page and to the others who are involved in this critical campaign..




Center for New Americans is a community-based organization. No gift is too small.

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Center for New Americans welcomes volunteers.

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