Anita Gallers - 30 Poems in November 2018

The Center for New Americans provides support and education services to immigrants in our community. This cause is important to me because I am the grandchild of immigrants, refugees of the European Holocaust who arrived in the US in late 1940; my mother, arguably an "anchor baby," was born a few months later in 1941. Immigrants contribute so much to our local, regional, and national communities, and it is important to welcome and support them as we ourselves would want to be welcomed and supported if we had to remake our lives in a new home. This is true now more than ever. So please give as generously as you can!
Goal $ 400.00
100% towards our goal
$ 729.00 raised
Avram Patt
$ 81.00
Joanna Weinberg Lawless
$ 54.00
Ethel And Morry Patt
$ 100.00
A great idea.
Holly Pekowsky
$ 100.00
Such an important cause!
Carol 5121070134913637 Bratche
$ 18.00
The Wright Family
$ 41.00
Rebecca Patt
$ 40.00
A few unconventional suggestions: to honor my maternal grandparents, please give $40 (or $1940 if you can spare it!); to honor my mom, please give $41; to honor the Jewish tradition, please make a donation in a multiple of 18 (it's good luck). If you want to follow my progress, I will be posting lines every day on Facebook - I'm not even going to pretend 30 full poems are possible for me, but I will get something up there daily. THANK YOU in advance for supporting 30 Poems in November and the Center for New Americans!

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