Alice Thomas' Poems

Thank you for visiting my site!
Goal $ 500.00
100% towards our goal
$ 655.00 raised
Edie Heinemann
$ 20.00
Janet Keyes
$ 15.00
Guadalupe Castilla
$ 125.00
Laurel Dun
$ 30.00
$ 60.00
Good work, Alice
Phyllis Nahman
$ 30.00
Edie Daly
$ 50.00
Indeed Alice, Your grandparents, mine, and so many others crossed borders to become citizens of this grand experiment that is our American democracy. I am so happy that The Center exists to serve our New Americans... Thanks for giving me the opportunity.
Candace Curran
$ 20.00
Alice Thomas
$ 30.00
Estelle Cade
$ 5.00
I plan to write 30 smashing poems again this year to raise a minimum of $500.00 in donations for the benefit of Center for New Americans!!! Very best to all!

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