Sarah Sullivan's Fabulous Fundraising Page

Hello team! Welcome to new and returning supporters of the Center for New Americans, which serves immigrants in Western MA, including providing free English classes and a range of other support services. 30 Poems in November! is a literary fundraiser similar to a walkathon, in that we ask friends, family, coworkers, and maybe strangers on the street to sponsor us for the month, or per poem written, to help Center for New Americans maintain is powerful ability to educate and support immigrants.
Goal $ 4,000.00
100% towards our goal
$ 5,222.00 raised
Kristen Holt-Browning
$ 50.00
Tack And Katty
$ 105.50
Great cause, Great poetry!
Marisa And Marty
$ 50.00
Thank you Sarah!
The Boddy Family
$ 50.00
We look forward to your poem each day in November!
Sherri Meade
$ 72.00
Proud of you, Sarah
Catherine Birgeneau
$ 50.00
Jessie Tropp
$ 25.00
Love getting your poetry in my inbox!!
Cathy Chong
$ 100.00
Great cause, good luck!
Dave And Sue
$ 50.00
$ 100.00
Great cause, great poems!
Ian W Smith
$ 36.00
Aunt E
$ 50.00
Some keep the faith, you all carry it every day. Thank you.
Deborah Levenson
$ 50.00
Thanks, Sarah and CNA.
$ 30.00
30 for 30 years of friendship
Kat McGraw
$ 100.00
Love your poetry and so glad to support the Center for New Americans!
Nicola Morris
$ 36.00
Thank you for all the poems!
$ 100.00
Thank you, Sarah!
Margaret Adams Groesbeck
$ 60.00
The Stoner Family
$ 30.00
Thank you for the poems, Sarah!
$ 100.00
Thank you for your courage, insight, and humor!
Mindful Financials
$ 50.00
Kaitlin Swistak
$ 88.00
You are a wonderful human being. Thank you for doing this. I am happy I get to help you achieve your goal. <3 so much love
Karen Scott
$ 50.00
Sarah Sullivan
$ 100.00
To the indomitable Dr. Sarah. With so much love
Paula Mahoney
$ 50.00
November is better with Sarah in it. Thanks for your poems!
Laurie Millman
$ 30.00
With so much appreciation for all you do to make this month such a stunning and joyous event!
$ 25.00
Meera Siddharth
$ 50.00
$ 100.00
No price for your poems Sarah, thank You for Being, !!
Carolyn Comiskey
$ 50.00
Cool page this year! Nice photo!
Lynne Jones
$ 50.00
Betsey Chace
$ 100.00
Hooray for Sarah
T Bonci & Family
$ 50.00
To want to do better and to want to be better, one must first find others with like minds, souls, and humor. Thank you for letting me into your circle and thus teaching me to be better and to reach higher not only for others but for myself as well.
Gretchen & Karen
$ 30.00
Way to go, Sarah! Thank your for your writing, your leadership, and your fundraising on behalf of the Center for New Americans.
Caroline Soter
$ 50.00
Jersey Girl
$ 100.00
Fantastic "30" SS. Congratulations! love and hugs from nj
Linda Stevenson
$ 50.00
Thank you for all the wonderful poetry! It makes November a month to look forward to every year.
Participating in 30 Poems in November! has been a gift for CNAm, for me, and hopefully for many of my readers. Writing a poem daily (or at least 30 poems in a month) is an amazingly enriching practice. Daring to share those poems with others, especially in the poems' essentially unedited stage, has been an important part of my process of claiming an identity as a poet. Being part of a community of writers has brought joy and an new richness to my practice. But most importantly, I feel gratitude for being part of a group which has raised money so that immigrants have the opportunity to get a foothold in our community, via English lessons (including practicing some poetry!), study for naturalization, education re job training, and practical tips about staying safe in the community. Last year was my first time chairing this event. It was wonderful! I started planning for this year before last November was over. Hopefully we will share the same energy and productivity, and you will share it with us. Thank you for being here. Tell your friends, too. Let them join us.

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