Poetry Connects

Can we say "Yes" to those brave souls who make it to the USA and can we be the wind at their backs???
Goal $ 1,500.00
100% towards our goal
$ 1,930.00 raised
Chris Rohmann
$ 30.00
Thanks, Jenny - Looking forward to the poems!
Marisa And Marty
$ 50.00
Keep on Jenn!
Lori Divine
$ 50.00
Thanks for sharing your creative self! Looking forward to all the poems-
Andrea Ayvazian
$ 75.00
Naka And Peter
$ 50.00
In the name of our own immigrant families, to welcome the new ones. Thanks for sharing your closely observed poems, Jen!
Ruth F.
$ 100.00
In honor of Mt Tom !
I am appalled by the reduction in number of refugees being allowed into the United States. I belong to a Circle of Care and we are supporting wonderful human beings who came from the Congo via Burundi; we all benefit greatly from the Center for New Americans' English and other programs. The fewer and fewer immigrants and refugees who manage to make it to our region are precious and deserve our full support. Let us do all what we can to welcome them, learn from them and help them bring their full gifts forward.

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