Nerissa is Rhymin' this November

Hi all, I love this challenge so much. I love Sarah Sullivan and her prompts. I can't wait to start!
Goal $ 600.00
100% towards our goal
$ 860.00 raised
Elizabeth Horn
$ 50.00
Dan Tappan
$ 50.00
Abigail Nields Hillman
$ 50.00
Linda And John Hillman
$ 50.00
Joanne Nanna
$ 100.00
As the granddaughter of immigrants I wholeheartedly support this effort!
Haven & Caitlin
$ 25.00
Dave Caplan
$ 25.00
Dr. Ann
$ 20.00
$ 50.00
Ann Merritt & Richard Fox
$ 100.00
Thanks Nerissa for all you do to heal our world.
In the past, I have collected my poems into books. This year, I hope to create pieces that can turn Into songs eventually. So to that effect, I will be concentrating on using rhymes and song structure. I have never written songs divorced from music before, but I am eager to try something new. Your support will go to CNAM, and I greatly appreciate the smallest donation. May our words bring about change, peace and an ever-deepening of our community.

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