Barbara Regenspan's page

Here I can combine my commitment to activism on behalf of supporting immigrants and immigrant rights with incentive to write everyday this month, no matter what else is going on!
Goal $ 500.00
100% towards our goal
$ 723.00 raised
Dear Friends: Your contribution to the Center for New Americans of $30, a dollar a poem, will insure that I will produce and share with you one fresh original poem every day in November. But 50 cents or 25 cents per poem, a contribution of $15, or $7.50, will have the same effect, so feel free to contribute only what you wish to this very solid and well-established organization, The Center for New Americans. Because my first poetry-writing mentor, Patricia Lewis, is involved with the Center and with this annual contest, you can be sure that you are contributing to a good cause! But the secondary "cause," making sure Barbara has this anchor to keep her creativity alive in retirement, might also inspire your generosity.

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