Know Your Rights


What to Do if ICE Comes to Your Door

Videos from Brooklyn Defender Services and the ACLU offer guidance on worst-case scenarios for undocumented people.

Article by VICE

The ACLU animated videos: We Have Rights March 2018

English versions with English captions

If ICE Arrests Us

In Our Streets

Inside Our Homes

When ICE is Outside Our Doors

Also versions narrated in six other languages—Spanish, Urdu, Arabic, Russian, Haitian Creole and Mandarin.

If you are stopped by police you have the Right to Remain Silent. 

The National Immigration Law Center reminds us that everyone has certain basic rights no matter what administration presides. Visit their site or click here for more information.

Helpful App: An app has been developed to allow people who are detained to notify family and friends to care for children, call a lawyer.  Click here:

This app should only be used if you are at home.  We do not recommend that you reach for your phone if you are on the street or in a car when a member of ICE or a police officer approaches you.

Know Your Rights Fliers are Available in Multiple Languages:

Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese








Family Preparation Plan 



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