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November 15th Poems

Poetry Writing


Day after day for fifteen days,

I line up the words on a piece

Of scrap paper, on the computer screen

Without knowing which hemisphere

They belong to; east/west, left/right

For hours, long enough for the words

To pair off with each other

To dance waltz or salsa,


But they defy my imaginations,

Playing hide-n-seek,

And then slyly trotting off

To a runway like foxes.


They are busy waving hands

And swinging hips on the runway

Putting one foot in front of the other

Choreographed to be cool and nonchalant,


Paying scant attention to the struggling

Left hemisphere looking

For pensive gesture

Like putting hands on the chin

And pause in search of prayer

To fill the next line

To win heart’s secret.


How about giving me a break

Without Masquerading

On the runway parading words.


Find a seat and take off those platform shoes,

We have only fifteen days left

And they are all downhill!


Yenna Yi


Name poem 



It means peaceful, friendly, honest.

It is the number fifteen.

It is like the sky.

It is meeting with my family and friends.

It is the memory of my grandma Mery.

Who taught me honesty and love.

When she talked with me you need to be attentive.

My name is Aidin.

It means my family is very important in my live.


Aidin Martinez