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November 19th Poems

She Was There


She was there.

we fit together,

walking tight was easy.

the steps always

smooth, synchronized,

no fumbling or tripping.

holding hands

no tension

perfect rhythm.

I was safe

I dropped my armor

bit by bit.

I spoke new truths

Not all, but some.

felt new love,

laughed new laughs.

we taught each other.

I let down my guard.

My heart beat

on the outside.

And then she

wasn’t there.

the room was empty.

no, others crowded in,

and then she

was lost.

But the learning stays,

she could not.

But the learning stays

no one can take that.

and she was gone.

perhaps part dream

and part awake,

but the learning stays.


– Paul Redstone



Learning:  Snow too cold,

Boots too tight

Need avoid town’s

Second hand

Hand me downs.

Teacher says:

English not Hinglish

words not right.

He should try English

Blended with Hindi,

Steeped in Gujarati,

And  Mumbai Marathi.

His penance::

May his tongue Folk dance

with all dialects holding hands

in a single sentence.

Of Hinglish.

Dreaming:  Brown feet in open leather sandals

Shuffle warm sand

Along city beach walk.

Not just a strap holding these on.

Fitting a shoe

is an art form in Mumbai

Hot water soaked, walked to comfort,

Set by first hand

to embrace unique form of  foot,

Geo Cernada


Poetry using the 5Ws


My family


To New York

Last August

To see Niagara Falls.


Aidin Martinez


My Family 


Went on vacation

To Puerto Rico

In June 2020

to spent time with the family.


Aidin Martinez