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November 21st Poems

Being Grateful


I feel grateful for the limited

Alphabets, twenty-six letters,

How unfathomably deep and far 

Distances they can reach 

With the alpha-numeric combination.


Everyday writing does not exhaust

Them.  They line up, even though

I have to cheer them up by chiding 

Them, “What’s up?”


I’m thankful for not having to learn

Another language where I might have to move

My arms so much that the shoulder joints

Might wear out and wriggling my thin eye brows

I may never be able to communicate

To the heart’s content,

For thin eye brows have pale voices.


Just imagine the big boat carrying

Twenty-six letters and numbers 0-9

Is big enough to sail in the vast

Star studded universe,

Names of billions of people,

Evolutions, star dust and more…


I especially love the dot dot dot 

After “more” to be filled in—

Joy and sorrow.


Words in all shades and shapes

Hold the cornerstones 

Of the great inventions

Of humankind.  


Being grateful…




Yenna Yi