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November 23rd Poems

White Cleaning the House


There are many roads leading

Hunters, hackers and miners in search

Of gold nuggets of dreams following

The astrology of mind placing the cards

Face up or down in the austere,

Veneered lonely



The roads splinter off the main road–

Hunters to woods, miners to mountain

Peaks and hackers drum away kicking dirt

On the road obscuring the heebie-jeebies

For even the hackers are afraid of the delete

Key that might not delete all the wrong doings.


There are many ways to come clean

By being sober and willing to get wet

In the rain, and intimate

With your naked dreams

That bring you to the juncture

Of cross roads,


Not back to the cold, lonely office

But to your heart that circulates

The warm blood.


Yenna Yi


A Mother’s Prayer

I hope my gifts to you

have survived over time.

Perhaps they have even overshadowed

less desirable things I piled on.

I have always wanted you to grow well

with necessary strength.

I know I  was worried too often, and

hovered in the background, cursed

by my own fears and insecurities.

I am sure they were never welcome.

In spite of the negatives,

I watched you set sail.

I knew your boat was well found,

a sturdy craft without leaks.

You seemed ready for storms

and turbulent seas,

and you showed skill

when required.

I saw you stumble but

nicely recovered.

As your mother I could never

truly let go.

I answered always with my heart

and hoped you heard.


Paul Redstone