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November 25th, 2020 Poems

Dwindling Down…


The sun rises again in the east

After twenty-four days of sailing

Up and down the sides

Of mountain of verses,


The sun also brings a focal

Point to squabbling turkeys

What they have to say.


Pardoning may be too late,

Time being time

It executes timely.


That time of the year,

But it’s not an ordinary year

Changing the price tags on feelings

And bringing new modes of meeting.


The long sought-after change

Is about to happen

In the river of time

For the new mode to get

Into a better boat.



Yenna Yi




If I

a Buddha

were to be

it’d  be

a sleeping one

for me.



I would not



to be

other than

one reclined.


For she/he

is the

Enlightened One

entering Nirvana

so wouldn’t

you wanna

be and really not be ?


Geo Cernada