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November 2nd Poems

30 Reasons to Write 30 Poems in November

a found poem in the voices of 30+ participating writers

Because I write. Because I am a ghostwriter. Because I write

fiction, so writing poems is like cross-training for me. Because

I’ve been writing since I was 16. Because

I’m writing haiku every day.

I’m writing 30 poems because.

Because English for immigrants. Because they need language

and poets need language.

Because I’m an immigrant.

Because I volunteer. Because

I’m a lawyer. Because I’m an activist.

Because I’m nervous about fundraising.

Because I want to turn poems into cash

for a cause. Because I was too worn out

and tired. Because After the 2016 election. Because

this makes me feel hopeful,

and not much makes me feel hopeful these days.

Because in November.

Because this gives me discipline.

Because community.

Because I’m excited. Because … on a whim.

Because I work with a young man from Uganda.

Because I was driving a young immigrant to her classes.

Because we can hold each other accountable.

Because I fell in love

with what happens in these classrooms.

Because doing this feels like walking on ice.

Because ICE.

Because we were all new Americans once.

Because poetry. Because liberty.

Because that is my prayer. For all.

Tzivia Gover