Citizenship Preparation Resources

For Students and Tutors

Citizenship Resource Center - - This is the official U.S. government website. The government site has tools, sample tests, videos of interviews, study materials and links to other resources, including a Multilingual Resource Center link.

Podcasts -

Podcasts on ITunes -


Citizenship Preparation Resources

Student and Tutor Citizenship Resources -

Citizenship Teachers -

Preparing for the Oath -

iCivics - Free Lesson Plans and Games for Learning Civics -

New England Literacy Resource Center - - links to publications that may help adult learning. There is also a link to webinars, as well as a Civics Participation & Citizenship Collection page, which leads to other materials and resources.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ web site - information for Massachusetts citizens - - has a history section.

The State of Minnesota’s website - - for citizenship training has good, basic materials (e.g. checklists for students) as well as teaching resources.

City University of New York’s website - - on citizenship has a section just for teachers

The Office of North Carolina Basic Skills website - - has a valuable resources section and a Citizenship Preparation Curriculum. The Curriculum includes: Citizenship Course Outline, Lesson Plans, Flash Cards, Pre-Test & Post-Test.


For English Literacy and Civics Education -


For Civics Education for Adult English Language Learners (Lynda Terrill, 2000) -



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