Over the course of 25 years of teaching English and offering citizenship and other support services to immigrants in Western Massachusetts, we have been inspired by our students’ determination to learn English and U.S. culture.  We marvel at the courage and perseverance with which they strive for better jobs, help children in school, start new businesses, and study to become U.S. citizens.




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“I came from Puerto Rico four years ago. After I arrived in Massachusetts, Center for New Americans helped me to find a job and learn English. Later,  Peg Johnson helped me with the process of enrolling in the certificate nursing assistant (CNA) course at Greenfield Community College (GCC). I graduated from GCC and am now working as a CNA.

“​My advice to new students: speak English all the time, and tell your teacher your goals.  They can guide you to them. Don't give up! You can be what you want to be.’

—Cecilia Acosta




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