Please support me, poetry and new Americans!

I’m so excited to be participating for the third year in a row in the 30 Poems in November fundraiser for Center for New Americans -- launched by wonder-poet Leslea Newman a dozen years ago. I hope you’ll support me and the center by making as generous a gift as you can manage in support of my daily writing.
Goal $ 300.00
100% towards our goal
$ 530.00 raised
Ahmad, Carolyn, And Lila Grace
$ 50.00
$ 50.00
Deb And Mike Mezaros
$ 50.00
$ 20.00
Dana gadziala
$ 20.00
$ 30.00
To a beautiful writer! Thank you for the gift of creating all month long.
$ 50.00
Gail Perry (Mom)
$ 50.00
Rebecca Olander
$ 10.00
Write on!
Center for New Americans is an amazing organization helping people feel welcome and supported in their new country. I fervently believe new immigrants deserve to be greeted by a welcome wagon, and too often, as you know, that has not been the case. Instead of just lamenting what is being done to immigrants in our names, here's a chance to help them build a better life. I hope you'll join me in making a gift you can feel good about all year. Plus, this makes me take on daily poetry writing for the whole month of November. This commitment will do me good, as now that my book has found a publisher, I've slowed down a bit and could use a good kick start to get going with daily writing again. So thank you for giving in support of that, too. I am hoping I can get 10 of you to give $30 (just $1 a poem), but all gifts are welcome -- including gifts of $100, $500, etc. Every gift is helping a great cause--and now that I'm not fund-raising for a living, this is the only ask I will make of anyone all year.