Welcoming new Americans

Please do take time to visit the Center for New Americans website. The center "welcomes immigrants, refugees, migrants, and asylum-seekers in Western Massachusetts". You will find at the Center a series of opportunities available to new Americans. Your donations will help this program to provide assistance to those who have left their homes behind in order to find a better life.
Goal $ 500.00
100% towards our goal
$ 775.00 raised
I am looking forward to creating 30 new poems in support of this very important program and I hope you will choose to support this program. The photo below is Phyllis Beatrice Eccles, age 4 (my aunt) and Edna Russell Eccles, 3 months old, (my mother), just before they sailed to America with my grandmother to join their father in Hartford, Connecticut where he had been hired as a leather maker working for the Colt Factory there to make straps for rifles. They were to sail on the Lusitania which was sunk by the Germans before off the coast of Ireland on 7 May, 1915. My grandmother and her children took the next boat, and all became New Americans. It is important for all Americans to remember that most of us come from families who were once New Americans who left friends and families behind in order to have a better life. I am proud to live in a country that opens its doors to others. This is what makes American great.