Hi, my name is Fungai, I write poetry under the name Iz Mazano,

2020 has been hard for all of us. It has been inspiring to see how much resolve and strength people have shown around the world.

As a tribute to the inspiring fortitude so many people around me continue to show, and in support of the work done by Center for New Americans to make life easier for immigrants in Western MA, I am writing 30 poems of hope and courage, one every day for the month of November.

Goal $5,000.00
7.4% towards our goal
$370.00 raised
Jacqueline Sheehan.
$ 20.00
Writing 30 poems in 30 days is monumental!
Sandra And Tom
$ 50.00
Gail Thomas
$ 30.00
We will be writing together, and I'm cheering for you!
$ 25.00
Thank you, Fungai.
$ 100.00
Thanks always for the inspiration <3
Please support this initiative by making a donation to The Center for New Americans which will be used to support immigrants in Western Massachusetts, USA. Many new immigrants need English lessons, computer classes, help finding homes, help finding schools, legal assistance, etc.

Your donation will help the Center for New Americans to continue to do this work. You're welcome to donate per poem written or to make a one-off donation.

You can see the poems on my poetry website: The Poetry of Iz Mazano and you can donate by clicking on the button below. Thank you!