Poetry Marathon

30 Poems in November! is a literary fundraiser for Center for New Americans. Center for New Americans welcomes and serves immigrants in Western Massachusetts with free English classes and a range of support services.
Roni Fuller
$ 100.00
A grand and beautiful gesture, Nicky. I look forward to the poems. Roni
Sarah With An H
$ 36.00
So grateful for all of your efforts and for having you in my life, Nicky!
Deborah And Arne
$ 25.00
We thank you for your poetry, prose and bone building participation.
As an immigrant I'm excited to support this organization that does such a good job of serving new immigrants, and to challenge my writing self at the same time. Of course writing a poem a day means each poem will be a very very early draft, but I'm happy to e mail poems daily to any sponsors who wish to receive them. Thanks for your support. Nicky