Welcome to my fundraising page for the Center For New Americans. I am asking for your support for this wonderful organization that provides vital services for refugees and immigrants in our community. To support them, I will again write and share poems with you.
Goal $300.00
100% towards our goal
$1,866.00 raised
Hildy Gal
$ 100.00
Martha K S Patrick
$ 60.00
Diane Nassif
$ 50.00
$ 10.00
Looking forward to reading your poems!
Sue And Maddie
$ 75.00
Elizabeth A Higgins
$ 40.00
Steve Jones
$ 185.00
What a great combination -- new poems and helping people learn English
Val Nelson Taylor
$ 50.00
I love the cause and I always look forward to your poems, Madlynn. Great combo.
Nancy Bair
$ 50.00
Sharon Dombeck
$ 30.00
$ 30.00
$ 50.00
Barbara Krasner
$ 20.00
A great cause and a great commitment, Madlynn!
$ 36.00
Proud of you! :)
$ 50.00
Mary Jennings
$ 15.00
$ 20.00
In honor of your writing, poems and efforts!
$ 30.00
Great that you are doing this, Maddie!
Carol R
$ 30.00

In this photo, I am with my friend and neighbor, Axel, who came to this country from El Salvador with his mother, cousin, and aunt. Axel and his cousin are in kindergarten while his mother and aunt attend English classes at the Center For New Americans. Your contribution will not only support needed services but is also an affirmative act to welcome those seeking refuge in our country like my grandmother did many years ago and as Axel's family is doing today. Thank you so much for any contribution you are able to make.