Let's take a moment this fall to appreciate the courage it takes to come to America when you don't know the language or how things work and you don't know anyone you can lean on when things get tough.. I'm writing poems all through the month of November - every day! I'm hoping I'll be able to inspire you to donate to the Center for New Americans--whose mission is something I fully support. Center for New Americans welcomes and serves immigrants, refugees, migrants, and asylum-seekers in Western Massachusetts. They offer free classes in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), career preparation assistance, support services and immigration legal services. Thanks so much C D "Fin" Finley
poetry for change - shows a western mass scene
Goal $1,000.00
51.75% towards our goal
$517.50 raised
Irene Fick
$ 50.00
Happy to support Fin Finley in her support of this wonderful cause!
Fanny Rothschild
$ 50.00
I so strongly support poet Fin Finley in her efforts to raise money for this local important organization which assists so many new people in their adjustment to this country.
Patricia C.
$ 20.00
Glad you're in this, too, Fin - Best wishes for a fruitful month....
Marla Solomon
$ 20.00
Love your writing, Fin.
$ 7.50
Rebecca Olander
$ 10.00
Thank you for writing and for supporting CNA!
Maryclare Powell
$ 25.00

Let's spend a whole month supporting a wonderful organization with a mission to create a pathway from beginning to permanence--overcoming obstacles like not knowing the language, not knowing where to find food or housing and connecting everyone with support of all kinds. It's hard getting started at anything. Can you imagine the courage it takes to come to a new country?  All things start with a first step. Make yours be one of compassion. Thanks, and I'll be seeing you,