A few years back I created a little formal poem. Chopped up thoughts. Here’s the form. 8 lines. 3 syllables starts. The others can go in any order. 9 & 10 need to rhyme. Here’s a sample with syllables noted. 3. Juliennes 7. are a record of a thought. 5. You need to rethink, 8. to pull out a better way 9. that will eventually reframe 4. what you’re saying. 6. It’s a bit surprising. 10. It’ll end different yet still the same.
Goal $200.00
100% towards our goal
$425.00 raised
$ 30.00
Mary King
$ 50.00
$ 20.00
Julie Bermant
$ 50.00
In honor of my mother, Lili Bermant, who was both immigrant and tutor.

Please join me in working to help this great organization open as many doors as possible for the people who are keeping the American Dream alive.