Welcome to Patricia's Poetry Page! Thank you for considering donating to my 30 Poems in November campaign to benefit the Center for New Americans. They do such important work and they utilize these contributions so well. You can read more about them at www.cnam.org
Goal $2,000.00
100% towards our goal
$2,580.00 raised
Timothy Cunningham
$ 100.00
Thank you again Tricia for your gift of poetry to support immigrants coming to New England. I love reading your daily poems this time of year. Timmy Cunningham
Lynn Stowe Tomb
$ 25.00
Kate O'Kane
$ 40.00
So grateful for you, your poems and your contribution to CNA!
Nancy Bair
$ 50.00
Patricia, your clear and meaningful poems always were a bright spot in my November days last year! Thank you!
Mary Ellen Preston
$ 100.00
It is a joy to support both CNA and your wonderful poetry
Lou And JR
$ 100.00
Thanks Patricia!
Upinngil Farm
$ 100.00
Sorrel Hatch
$ 25.00
Go Mom!
Kate O'Hara
$ 50.00
Steve Alves
$ 50.00
Susan Desjardins
$ 20.00
I love reading your poems. Thank you for sending them my way.
Donna DuSell
$ 50.00
Alan Eccleston/Linda Harris
$ 50.00
Karen Fogliatti
$ 50.00
BIG THANKS to you, Patricia, for your creative support of immigrants and way to draw in others for this important cause!
Mary Ellen Cohane
$ 40.00
It’s such a gift to contribute to a great cause while receiving such heartwarming, life-revealing, and good-humored poems!
Annette Kilminster
$ 30.00

Dear Friends & Family: Earlier in the year I thought I would simply not have the time or energy left in 2023 to participate in this annual fundraiser for the Center for New Americans. But I 've had a burst of energy and gotten a head start on poems or poem fragments to submit, so that will help me keep to my personal pledge to send a poem to all donors daily. So thank you for considering supporting once more (or for the first time) this annual campaign for an organzation whose mission of teaching language and citizenship skills to immigrants and refugeees gets more and more important every day.  Remember $5 is not too little, $25 is great, the average donation is around $40, and for those who can do more, thank you thank you, because once I reach that $2000 goal I can stop asking for money (something I acutally hate doing, even for good causes) and just write poetry.

PS -  for those of you keeping track of my modest publication record, that poem I told you was accepted for publication last year ("Everybody Needs a Veteran," is finally appearing in the December 2023 issue of War, Literature and the Arts  wlajournal.com ; I also finally received a copy of Vol.XVI # 1 of  "Blue Unicorn": with "Inscape" in it; Friends Journal published "Pronouns for God;" and "The Last Corn" and "Across the U.S. in Thirty Days by Train" earned top ten finalist placements in two regional competitions this year. So your support makes a difference to Center for New Americans and to me personally - thank you again.  And PPS.Regarding the "Honor Roll" - you don't have to list your full name, but encouraging words mean a lot to me.....