Hello Welcome to my November Poem A Day Fundraiser! I am the author of more than 400 books and, for the last (don't make me do the math) bunch of years, I have been writing a poem a day and sending it out to subscribers. But, during the month of November, I send out special poems, just for people who donate to the CNA.
Goal $1,000.00
100% towards our goal
$3,235.00 raised
Ellen Edge
$ 62.00
Thank you, Jane Yolen, both for the joy you've given my family and me through the years and for generously supporting this cause!
Kimberly J. Sabatini
$ 75.00
Jane makes giving to others a gift. The world Is a better place because she’s in it. ❤️
Mary Beth Frezon
$ 30.00
Thank you Jane for all your words and for supporting this wonderful work supporting immigrants and refugees in our region..
Ann Stever
$ 150.00
Have loved Jane's poetry since we were in college together.
Linda Elovitz Marshall
$ 50.00
Thank you, Jane, for inspiring so many, many people!
Virginia Euwer Wolff
$ 50.00
Thanks to Jane Yolen for this opportunity to donate to the Center for New Americans. With love to Jane from her friend since the 1950s.
Laurie Millman
$ 25.00
Jane, what a treat it was to see you this month! Can't wait to read your poems! Much love
Cheryl Bjeletich Thomas
$ 150.00
Thank you to Jane Yolen for providing us with thoughtful poetry throughout the year.
Catherine M. Petrini
$ 30.00
Marilyn Singer
$ 30.00
Thank you for the poetry, Jane!
Nightwing Whitehead
$ 20.00
Wendy Ellertson
$ 45.00
G.Dorsey Green
$ 100.00
$ 60.00
Cynthia Cotten
$ 60.00
Donald Halquist
$ 50.00
Nancy Flood
$ 100.00
Yvonne Fast
$ 50.00
Red Apple Seeds LLC
$ 100.00
Ann Crimmins
$ 150.00
Thanks to Jane Yolen for her November poems, and thanks to The Center for New Americans for all their work.
Marjorie Stout,
$ 30.00
Gordon Garb
$ 123.00











To sign up, send an email to heidieys@gmail.com 
with this information:
     How you will be donating (though this webpage or by check)
     Actual address

There are two ways to send money--through this website (fancy, right?) or by check (usually sent after I have written and sent all the poems for the month).
Checks should be made out to the CNA and sent to them.

I look forward to adding you to my poetry list. We love supporting this amazing cause and these amazing new Americans--one of whom is my co-author of the book STRAW BAG, TIN BOX, CLOTH SUITCASE.