Each November the Center for New Americans challenges the poets of the Pioneer Valley to help raise funds to support their services of providing education and other resources to facilitate their transition to their new lives. Please join me in supporting this worthy cause.
My mother (far right) and her siblings shortly before they emigrated from The Netherlands.
Goal $1,776.00
70.27% towards our goal
$1,248.00 raised
Judith (Judy) Castagna
$ 50.00
Beth And Dan Russell
$ 100.00
Love to the new Americans!
Stephanie Shafran
$ 10.00
Thanks for making this effort, Marianne!
Jim & Diane Brown
$ 50.00
Kevin Pilkington
$ 100.00
Liz Collins
$ 100.00
Happy to help.
$ 100.00
Rebecca Olander
$ 10.00
Thank you for writing and for supporting CNA!

In the early 1900s, my mother, her parents and siblings left their home in The Netherlands and emigrated to the United States. Some time before that, my father's father emigrated from Italy. When his wife died in childbirth, he sent for her 14-year-old sister to care for his three babies. She gave birth to five more, one of whom was my father.

My ancestors had one thing in common with today's immigrants: They wanted something better for their families. The Center for New Americans strives to make that dream a reality every day, right here in our Pioneer Valley. Please join me in supporting them.