Weather is changing, people are flowing, resources are flowing, join the river of care.
Goal $2,500.00
100% towards our goal
$2,909.00 raised
Scott Reed
$ 100.00
Carolyn Shakti Sadeh.
$ 30.00
Deborah Shriver
$ 250.00
$ 100.00
Kristi Nelson
$ 50.00
Jane Woodman
$ 50.00
Penny Schultz
$ 75.00
Marisa And Marty
$ 100.00
Thank you, Jenn, for always being here!
Laura Loescher
$ 100.00
What beautiful work.
Gwen Agna
$ 100.00
Thank you, Jennifer Ladd, for your beautiful poems!
$ 250.00
Emily Kawano
$ 100.00

Hello All, 

We are in the rolling rivers of change, movement, some wild and scarey, some quiet with eddies. As we each receive the flow of earth's generosity to us, may we also send energy, money, and good will to those who have had to flee from dire circumstances and tragedy. This money will help build boats for people as they navigate the sea changes around us.