After a couple of years off, I'm back again to raise funds for the Center for New Americans by writing 30 Poems in November. A few years ago, I provided a baby blessing for a first-in-the-family-to-be-a-citizen little boy; and this past summer I stood with him and his mom as we cheered his father's citizenship ceremony. What a privilege to be in this great hall filled with new Americans, eager to make their lives flourish in this democracy.
Goal $500.00
100% towards our goal
$657.00 raised
$ 18.00
Looking forward to reading your inspiring poems. Happy you're doing this again.
$ 18.00
Thanks, Carol, for making this effort to raise money for refugees and migrants.
Reynolds Winslow
$ 20.00
Thank you, Carol, for generating this effort for refugees and migrants. Please send me your poems mentioned.
Ann Burgunder
$ 20.00
Thank you, Caro, for your work and inspiration.
Jenny Ladd
$ 25.00
Have fun Carol, I look forward to your poems!
Nan Childs
$ 25.00
Thank you, Carol
Marisa And Marty
$ 50.00
Thank you, Carol. Looking forward to your poems.
Pat & Marianne
$ 50.00
Love your work and creativity! Thanks for doing this and sharing with us.

Alone, I can't provide the dollars I'd love to be able to give to support this multifaceted program for people who are choosing to devote their lives and energies to fulfill our democracy, but Podemos crear un mundo mayor with "group giving power."   Si se puede!  If my poems are far from literary masterpieces, too bad.  To support courageous and beautiful new Americans, it's the least I can do.  Join me.