Hi friends, I'm inviting you to participate in raising funds to support the lives of people in the process of settling in our country and community.
Goal $1,000.00
51.5% towards our goal
$515.00 raised
Jeff McQueen
$ 100.00
Ellen Doré Watson
$ 20.00
Ellen Doré Watson
$ 20.00
Rebecca Olander
$ 10.00
Thank you for writing and for supporting CNA!

Greetings Friends,


Every year the Center for New Americans sponsors a fundraiser based on poets willing to write a poem a day for the month of November.  Many of you already know about the Center for New Americans.   It's a local non-profit which supports the wide range of needs of people new to our country and our community.  Depending on each person's situation,  they accompany new arrivers all the way from learning English through the stages of the citizenship process,   with respect, attention to all the small details that challenge newcomers' lives, and a spirit of fun and kindness. This moment in our collective lives as Americans seems particularly in need of the spirit of poetry on behalf of  inclusion.

I'm asking you to consider supporting the organization by making a donation to my webpage.  In exchange,  I will write daily,  and now and then (not often enough to be annoying) send you a poem I've written.   If this isn't the best time to make a donation,  no worry at all,  i'll send the poems anyway.    Wtih thanks to you all,   Adin