We are, each of us, searching for home...leaving home behind and looking forward to some new home in our futures. Please join me in helping immigrant families find hope...and home.
Jaimee and Nathalie
Goal $113.72
100% towards our goal
$150.00 raised

My sister made every place she touched home for all who entered – inside the four walls of her house, inside the circle of her love and friendship, inside her heart. She looked for the beauty in each place, in each person...and coached me that in doing so, I=one would never be far from home.

Jaimee died in September – and in her memory, I will make this small effort to support the Center for New Americans as they provide free English classes for immigrants, refugees, and migrants. I’ll write 30 Poems in November – one each day. The cause matters to me, and the poetry commitment speaks to me.

This is my first 30-poems pledge – I am late to the campaign, but I know my sister would be urging me on anyway.  My goal is small but meaningful – Jaimee’s birthdate.

Please join me and pledge what you can. A dollar per poem? Some set amount? You donation is tax-deductible and goes directly to Center for New Americans. I am inspired by friend and teacher Patricia who noted that the poems don’t have to be award-winners. I’ll send you a poem or two as the month goes on. And, I’ll let you know in December how I did. Thank you for your support.