Welcome to "30 Poems in November". We support the Center for New Americans - an organization in Western MA that is dedicated to helping new immigrants learn English. When someone arrives in a new country they need help, especially if they don’t speak the language. Being able to communicate is a vital part of becoming safe and feeling safe. "30 Poems in November" is a gentle opportunity to help newcomers learn English. It’s also a good opportunity to get poets thinking --- this might be a good force for mankind. . . . . .Peter Bryant
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Peter Bryant
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Peter Bryant
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Chris Bryant
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He's really a very good poet!

The aim is for me to write 30 poems in November. They do not have to be written on a “correct” day. I will endeavor to write 30 poems. I would be grateful if you could support my writing at a nominal amount per poem. At $1 per poem you would donate $30. At $0.25 per poem you would donate $7.50.

Each day there is a suggested theme for the poem but it is not mandatory. I am using the prompts.

I have already written  25/25  poems.(2023-11-25).