Dear friends and poet-friends, I am fundraising again this November for Center for New Americans in my former home of Northampton, Mass. Today is the first day of 30 I will write a poem, and I’m fired-up for the challenge!
Goal $250.00
86% towards our goal
$215.00 raised
Sarah With An H
$ 30.00
Alice, you are better than the best! And I only say that about a few people, especially because it's literally impossible. I'm so glad to see you here. Thank you. Love, Sarah
Ellen Doré Watson
$ 50.00
Ginny Sullivan
$ 50.00
So glad to support your wonderful words in support of this good work!!

Every $5 adds up, and I would love any support if you’re able. Here is the link to my page.
For more information on all that CNA does, please go here: