Hello kind humans! Thank you for joining me in supporting the Center for New Americans, whose work helps immigrants and refugees thrive in their new home, Western Massachusetts. By sponsoring (e.g. donating to) my commitment to write 30 poems in November, you’ll be directly contributing to the English language classes that newcomers receive for free, from CNA.
Gail Yellen-Shiring
$ 30.00
Lisa Grueneberg And Bella
$ 50.00

Though I don’t live in Western MA, the land is dear to my heart, as it’s where many of my Eastern European Jewish ancestors took refuge, during and between the World Wars, where my father grew up, and where I visited relatives, throughout my childhood. 

While I’m pledging to write 30 poems, it's not about products or art. Rather, it’s a commitment to keeping my heart and hands open to the world in front of me, in all its suffering and beauty.  To follow, in other words, Mary Oliver’s “Instructions for Living a Life:  Pay attention. / Be astonished. / Tell about it." 

I’d be delighted if you’d join me!