Hybrid Newcomer Program Launches

Center for New Americans (CNA), with support from English for New Bostonians in partnership with the MA Office for Refugees and Immigrants, recently launched the Hybrid Newcomer Program.

The program offers an in-person class, an online class, and independent learning to shelter residents. A generous donation from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative provides participants with laptops and tablets to facilitate participation in the online component of the program and empower students to engage in independent learning throughout the week. With these tools, students can explore additional resources, practice their new skills, and advance at their own pace, enhancing their learning experience beyond the classroom.

Based on this model, CNA launched a similar program for students referred by the Catholic Charities Agency. Fourteen students attended the first meeting of the in-person class, which was generously hosted by the Central Springfield Library. The devices donated by Massachusetts Technology Collaborative will allow these students access to the online portion of the curriculum and independent learning.